NEST's New Product T150 U-shaped Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask is Launched!

A basic biological fact is that, most tissue and organ cells are adherent in growth, which means they adhere to other cells or extracellular matrix within human body. During the process of adhering , the cells first secrete an extracellular matrix (ECM) that adheres to the surfaces of the substrate (e.g., the bottom of cell culture flask, cell culture dish). Later, when cells occupy every inch of the bottom, they need to be peeled off from the cell culture flask, passaged then transferred to other cell culture vessels by means of cell digestion.

Now here comes a significant question: how to efficiently harvest the cells and enhance the usage rate? It often concerns the researchers that they may neglect the cells in certain corners or harm healthy cells with too much strength. 

Don't worry! NEST's new product T150 U-shaped Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask, which deviates from the regular structure, can be your secret weapon in cell culture researches!

Wider mouth avoid the collision with the scraper. 
The mouth T150 U-shaped Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask has been designed larger to save your worry. A variety of accessories highly compatible with each other, make tube connection and closed liquid transfer easier, and secures the aseptic cell culture operation. 

Unique U Shape leaves no inaccessible area. 
The shape of the bottom is devised into the unique U shape, which enhances the bottom utilization rate.This new ergonomic shape also reduces inaccessible areas for cells, allowing cell scraper to work its way around the bottle! Besides, this special U shape makes it easier for you to tighten or loosen the cap. It is so easy to catch.