New 50ml/150ml Vacuum Filtration System is Launched!

NEST's Vacuum Filtration System is mainly applied in the isolation and purification of tissue culture medium and large volume biofluid samples. The system consists of a membrane, a receiving bottle and a transparent graduated polystyrene filter top, all of which are connected by a filter. With the pressure differential conducted by the vacuum pump, the Vacuum Filtration System can filtrate the tissue culture medium and other lab fluid solution in large volumes even up to several Liters. The filtrated samples can be gathered in aseptic storage bottles. 

l PES Membrane: Low protein binding rate; high flow rate and throughput; resistant to a wide PH range; good chemical/heat resistance . Applied in the universal culture medium, aqueous solution, polar or medium polar solvent.
l PVDF Membrane: Resistant to oxidation and heat. Applied in various conditions including aqueous solution and most solvents including strong non-polar solvents; especially appropriate for HPLCGC preparation.
l MCE Membrane: Good chemical resistance; Low protein binding rate; Optimum PH range is from 3-6. Applied in the particle size analysis of universal culture medium and aqueous solution, and HPLC sample preparation.
l CA Membrane: Resistant to heat/most alcohols and oils; high flow velocity; low adsorption; Optimum PH range is from 4-8. Applied in the aseptic filtration of aqueous solution, buffer, serum, culture medium as well as HPLC flowing phase filtration. 

✔Pore Size
l 0.1μm:for removing mycoplasma
l 0.22μm: for asceptic and ultra-clean treatment for aqueous solution and solvent
l 0.45μm: for clarification of aqueous solution and solvent

✔Filter Adaptor
The filter adaptor forms an angle of 90to the scale, which makes it easier to read the volume during filtration.

✔Receiving Bottle 
 Currently, new volumes of 50ml and 150ml receiving bottles have been added to complete the whole collection from 50ml to 1000ml, satisfying clients’ various filtration demands. 

NEST Vacuum Filtration System is endotoxin and heat source free, and E-beam sterilized. It's disposable, hence saves much efforts by eliminating the trouble of cleaning and disinfection.