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15/50mL Centrifuge Tubes

Cap Style:

Cat.No.Volume(mL) Max.RCF(xg) PackagingType /Pack/Case
6010511512,000PS RackStandard50500
6020515012,000PS RackStandard25500
60207250 (Self-Standing)5,000BulkStandard25500

• Made from virgin polypropylene to meet the general requirements of the laboratory.

• Printed Graduations (with marking area).

• Polypropylene tube and high density polyethylene cap.

• Tubes working temperature: stable from -20°C to 121°C,with Autoclave.

• Cap working temperature: stable from -20°C to 100°C

• High centrifugal strength up to 12,000xg.

• One-hand operation design for the caps provides easy handling.

• PE Flat-top cap with screw type

• Sterilized by E-beam, SAL=10-6

• Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/Rnase free.

• Tubes and Cap free of heavy metal.

• Printed Lot Number on each bag.

• ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO 13485: 2016.

• Representative production sample are collected and inspected in accordance with current applicable product specifications. Inspection records are reviewed and approved by qualified personnel for product release. Key inspections and inline tests