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Mini Plasmid Kit


Mini Plasmid Kit

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50 reactions


This kit uses the alkaline lysis method to lyse cells and then specifically binds DNA in solution through an adsorption column in a high-salt state. The silicon matrix material

used in the centrifuge adsorption column is a new material, which has the advantages of efficient and specific adsorption of DNA. This product is suitable for extraction of a small

amount of plasma DNA and the extracted plasmids can be used for enzyme digestion, PCR amplification, sequence analysis, etc.


Solution Ⅰ13 mL/vial 1 vial
Solution Ⅱ13 mL/vial1 vial
Solution Ⅲ18 mL/vial1 vial
Buffer CPB121 mL/vial1 vial
Buffer CPW115 mL/vial1 vial
Buffer TE5 mL/vial1 vial
Spin Column50 pcs/kit50 pcs
Collection tube50 pcs/kit50 pcs

[Shipping and Storage Conditions]

Store at 2-25°C

Period of validity: 24 months Manufacturing Date: see label.

Expiration Date: see label.

[Equipment and Reagents Prepared by User]

1.  1.5-mL DNase/RNase-free centrifuge tube (at least 3 centrifuge tubes for each sample)

2.  Anhydrous ethanol, isopropanol

3.  Single channel pipettes and tips: 200 μL, 1000 μL

4.  Centrifuge (rotation speed: 12,000 rpm)