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Gel Extraction Kit


Gel Extraction Kit

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50 reactions


This kit is suitable for recovering 100bp - 10kb DNA fragments from TAE and TBE agarose gels, with a recovery rate of up to 80%. This kit uses a special adsorption membrane, which can selectively adsorb nucleic acid molecules and remove other impurities to obtain high-quality DNA recovery. The obtained DNA can be directly used for enzyme digestion, ligation,sequencing and other subsequent molecular biological tests.


Buffer GPL330 mL/vial1 vial
Buffer GPW112 mL/vial1 vial
Buffer TE5 mL/vial1 vial
Spin Column50 pcs/kit50 pcs
Collection tube (2mL)50 pcs/kit50 pcs

[Shipping and Storage Conditions]

Store at 2-25°C

Period of validity: 24 months Manufacturing Date: see label.

Expiration Date: see label.

[Equipment and Reagents Prepared by User]

1. 1.5 mL DNase/RNase-free centrifuge tube (2/sample)

2. Isopropanol, anhydrous ethanol, 3 M sodium acetate (pH 5.0)

3. Single channel pipettes and tips: 200 μL, 1000 μL

4. Metal bath or water bath (50°C) and centrifuge (rotation speed: 12,000 rpm)