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Disposable Sampler, Saliva Collection Kit


1.   The product is used to collect high-quality DNA/RNA samples in the saliva.
2.   The collection process is painless and won’t cause any injury or discomfort to the human body.
3.   The collected samples can be used for various biological experiments such as enzymatic hydrolysis, PCR and next-generation sequencing and are widely used in the collection and preservation of specimens in hospitals, scientific research institutions and households. 

Product list:
Funnel x 1
Storage vial(contains 2.0 mL of preservation solution) x 1
Saliva collecting vial x 1
Saliva collectiing vial cap x 1
Barcode x 4
Sample bag x 1、Instructions x 1

Cat. No.
Packaging specifications
Individual blister card, 100 sets/carton


1.      Use at normal ambient temperature;

2.      The 5-mL storage tube for preservation solution is filled with 2 mL of ITM inactivated solution

3.      Samples can be stored and transported at room temperature;
ž   DNA samples can be stored stably for 12 months;

ž   RNA samples can be stored steadily for 1 month.

Special reminders:

This preservation solution has good antibacterial performance and high storage efficiency and can ensure the integrity of viral nucleic acids in the sample when it is used to store inactivated viral samples.

Tip: Clean the mouth with drinking water and fast 30 minutes before saliva sample collection. Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.