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Disposable Intranasal Atomization Device


It is an atomizing device for drug administration intended to convert liquid preparations into atomized particles and spray on the surface of human body tissues (or organs) for full contact to maximize the administration effect. Meanwhile, the reasonable and effective self-destructive structure ensures that the product can only be used once to provide users with safe and hygienic products.The device provides a painless and rapid absorption medication delivery option for non-invasive intranasal medication delivery. It improves safety for both caregivers and patients by avoiding needle-sticking injuries.

1.  Rapid Absorption:  Since special designed nasal spray device could translate liquid into atomized particles, this device will promote drug be absorbed rapidly.
2.  Non-invasive & Painless:  The umbrella-like spray will not cause any damage or irritation to the human body.
3.  Self-Destruct Device:  Self-Destruct Device design make sure disposable use.
4.  Special Dose Limiter:  Easy to mount and remove by the special design of dose limiter as clamp.
5.  Clear Scale
6.  Inoculate Precisely:  Using with dose limiter, made inoculate precisely become possible.

 polypropylene plastics (PP) + polycarbonate (PC) + natural rubber

Cat. No.
1ml,Disposable Intranasal Atomization Device, White, with Plastic Needle, Syringe, Nasal Spray Device, Dose Limiter
Individually Packed,1000 pcs/carton
1ml,Disposable Intranasal Atomization Device, Yellow, with Plastic Needle, Syringe, Nasal Spray Device, Dose Limiter Individually Packed1000 pcs/carton

Main component
Syringe x 1
Dose limiter x 1
Plastic needle x 1
Spray device x 1