Magnetic Bead-Based NucleicAcid (DNA/RNA) Extraction Kit (Throughput-12)

This kit is suitable for TECHSTAR YC701 Nucleic Automatic Extraction System for extracting genomic DNA/RNA of pathogenic microorganisms from samples such as serum, plasma, cultured cells, saliva, alveolar lavage fluid, nasopharyngeal aspirates and swabs.

Product name : Magnetic Bead-Based NucleicAcid (DNA/RNA) Extraction Kit
Product No : SC902
Packing Specification : 50 T/kit
Transportation condition : Room temperature
Preservation condition : Room temperature, or 2-8℃ for long-term preservation
Preriod of validity : 12 months
Applicable instrument : TECHSTAR YC701 Nucleic Automatic Extraction System

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