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BioFactoryTM 10 Chambers (Cap with Overcap)

771322NEST BioFactoryTM 10 Chamber with 2 Solid Overcaps, TC, Sterile  (with 12 Sterile Vented Overcaps Included Separately)6
771422Nest BioFactoryTM 40 Chamber with 2 Solid Overcaps,  TC, Sterile, (with 4 Sterile Vented Overcaps Included Separately)2

740913 Filter Adapter Cap 120
740901 Solid Overcap 120
740213 Cap with Filter Adapter Cap 110

Vented Overcap and Solid Overact can be used directly on the adaptor caps to block dust and bacteria. Vented Overcap is equipped with a  0.22 μm hydrophobic breathable membrane to achieve aseptic ventilation during liquid transfer