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BioFactoryTM 10 Chamber, Pre-installed with Transfer Cap System


“NEST BioFactoryTM (10 Chambers) pre-installed with transfer cap system” is a pre-installed set of transfer tubes and a filter, which can directly transfer

culture media and cells to or out of BioFactoryTM in a sterile environment. By connecting tubes, without change caps or connect tubes, the risk of

exogenous pollution in the drug development and production process is greatly reduced, while simultaneously omitting the operations of tube design,

assemble and sterilization to improve the production efficiency

• Closed liquid transfer, avoiding open operation and reducing the risk of pollution in the process of liquid transfer

• The liquid inlet tube can be aseptically welded under a normal environment

• High-quality materials and smooth inner wall of the tube, ensuring an excellent transmission performance

• Electron beam sterilization, SAL = 10-6

• No endotoxin and no components of animal origin