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PCR 8-Strip Tubes

Sterile Cap Type Color /Pack /Case
403102 0.1 Non-Sterile No Cap Transparent 125 1250
403002 0.2 Non-Sterile No Cap Transparent 125 1250
4031220.1SterileNo CapTransparent1251250
4030220.2SterileNo CapTransparent1251250
403112 0.1 Non-Sterile No Cap White 125 1250
403012 0.2 Non-Sterile No Cap White 125 1250
4031320.1SterileNo CapWhite1251250
4030320.2SterileNo CapWhite1251250
404001 0.2 High Profile Flat Transparent 120 1200

Made from USP grade VI polypropylene

NEST has both transparent and white PCR strip tubes, which respectively apply to the general PCR and qPCR reactions.

• Low profile tubes are designed to minimize the condensate contamination, particularly for the overnight experiment, and also reduce the evaporation of the reaction solution.
• Free of Dnase and Rnase, human DNA and PCR inhibitor
• Autoclavable
• White strip tubes increase the fluorescent signal strength of real-time PCR.

PCR 8-Strip Tube with Flat Cap Product Features
• Eight individually capped thin wall tubes
• Caps are attached at an angle to prevent cap lids and hinges from interfering with each other.
• Tight sealing, easy to open
• Flat, optically clear caps