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Fast Multiplex RT-PCR Kit

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Fast Multiplex RT-PCR Kit

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50 reactions/kit, 4 kit/case 


The Kit provides a convenient format for highly sensitive and specific RT-PCR using any RNA. The kit contains specific reagents for multiplex RT-qPCR using the probe method (TaqMan, etc.). It is easy to operate and does not need to open the lid during the reaction process, avoiding cross-contamination between samples and improving the detection sensitivity. This kit employs high-quality reverse 

transcriptase and hot-start Taq DNA polymerases, as well as our company's optimized reaction system to greatly improve the amplification performance and specificity of the reaction and it also has high amplification uniformity to effectively complete multiplex RT-qPCR. Multi RT Enzyme Mix contains both reverse transcriptase and Taq enzymes. It can be used for multiplex detection of DNA/

RNA molecules and other fields.


Product Composition50 Reactions
2.5×qPCR Mix500 μL
Multi RT enzyme Mix50 μL
Instruction For Use1 pcs

[Shipping and Storage Conditions]

The kit needs to be transported frozen and the components of the kit should be stored away from light under -18°C

Period of validity: 12 months.

Manufacturing Date: see label.

Expiration Date: see label.


1. RNA samples should avoid RNase contamination. It is recommended to use special utensils, reagents and sterile water for RNA experiments.

2. Do not repeatedly freeze and thaw the reagent. It is recommended that the freeze and thaw times not exceed 3 times. After dissolving, use it as soon as possible, within 30 minutes is recommended.

3. Fast hot start at 95°C or 94°C for 2~5 mins should be employed.

4.  The DNA polymerase contained in this reagent has  5`-3` polymerase and 5`-3` exonuclease activities;  has no 3`-5` exonuclease activity and no proofreading function.

5. Multi RT enzyme Mix should be centrifuged briefly before use and should be put back to -20°C as soon as possible after use.

6. This kit must use specific primers.

7. This reagent does not contain ROX reference dye.

8. Do not mix different batches of kit components.

9. The reaction program is only an example, please adjust according to the actual situation.