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Fast Multiplex PCR Kit

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Fast Multiplex PCR Kit

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50 reactions/kit, 6 kit/case 


The kit is suitable for real-time PCR analysis of DNA sample based on TaqMan probe. TaqMan qPCR is characterized by high sensitivity and specificity. The

universal nucleic amplification kit can be used for single or multiplex probe fluorescence quantitative PCR detection.


Product composition50 Reactions
2.5×qPCR Mix500 μL
Taq enzyme25 μL
Instruction For Use1 pcs

[Shipping and Storage Conditions]

Period of validity: 12 months.

Manufacturing Date: see label.

Expiration Date: see label.


1. 2.5x qPCR Mix should be completely dissolved before use and can be gently mixed upside down and briefly centrifuged for later use. If the reagent is not well

mixed, its performance will be degraded. Please do not use vortex oscillators for mixing, try to avoid foam.

2. Do not repeatedly freeze and thaw the reagent. It is recommended that the freeze and thaw times not exceed 3 times. After dissolving, use it as soon as

possible, within 30 minutes is recommended.

3. The DNA polymerase contained in the reagent has 5`-3` polymerase and 5`-3` exonuclease activities; has no 3`-5` exonuclease activity and no proofreading


4. Taq enzyme should be centrifuged briefly before use and put back to -20°C as soon as possible after use.

5. In 25 μL reaction system, the amount of DNA template should not exceed 20% of the final volume of PCR system.

6. This reagent does not contain ROX reference dye.

7. Do not mix different batches of kit components.

8. The reaction program is only an example, please adjust according to the actual situation.


Establishment of Real-Time PCR Reaction System

1. Thaw template DNA, primer, probe, dNTP Mix, 2.5×qPCR Mix, Taq enzyme, and nuclease-free water. Vortex mixing of each solution except Taq

enzyme, centrifuge briefly to collect residual liquid on tube wall, and each solution are placed on ice.

2. Prepare a fresh master mix on ice according to the table below. Centrifuge briefly to collect residual liquid on tube wall and place on ice.