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RT-Bst LAMP MasterMix (with SYTO-9)

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RT-Bst LAMP MasterMix (with SYTO-9)

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50 reactions


Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a nucleic acid amplification technique widely used in the detection of target nucleic acid. The kit provides a simple solution for LAMP and RT-LAMP assays for DNA and RNA detection. LAMP and RT-LAMP are common isothermal amplification techniques, which use LAMP-specific primers (provided by user) and strand displacement polymerase to rapidly detect target nucleic acid. The kit contains 2.5×LAMP Mix and RT-LAMP enzyme Mix, in which the 2.5×LAMP Mix contains reaction buffer, fluorescent dye, Mg2+, dNTPs, etc., and is used together with fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument or thermostatic fluorescence detector. When used, only primers and templates need to be added for nucleic acid isothermal amplification.


Product composition50 Reactions
2.5×LAMP Mix500 μL
RT-LAMP enzyme Mix50 μL
Instruction For Use1 pcs

[Shipping and Storage Conditions]

The kit needs to be transported frozen and the components of the kit should be stored

away from light under -18°C.

Period of validity: 12 months.

Manufacturing date: see label.

Expiration Date: see label.


1. The components were dissolved at room temperature and centrifuged briefly at 6000 RPM for 30 s. After mixing, they were set aside at 2-8°C.

2. Prepare LAMP reaction mixture in centrifuge tube as shown below (the whole process should be carried out in ice box): 

ComponentVolume (μL)
2.5×LAMP Mix10

RT-LAMP enzyme Mix

10xLAMP Primer Mix 2.5

Nucleasee free ddH2O

Add water to a volume of 20 μL