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RNaseA Lab Test Kit

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RNaseA Lab Test Kit Introduction 

RNase A is an endoribonuclease that peculiarly attacks the 3’ end of  pyrimidine residues on RNA and cleaves the phosphodiester bond formed by  cytosine or uracil and adjacent nucleotides. This kit uses an RNA probe as a  substrate. When RNase A is present in the sample, the RNA probe is degraded  and the fluorophores labeled on the probe are separated from the quenchers  to produce fluorescence, which is highly accurate, reproducible, and sensitive.

Shipping and Storage Conditions 

The kit should be transported at normal temperature and stored away from  light at 2-8°C. RNase Fluorescers (Lyophilized) should be stored below -18°C after  dissolved.

Order Information

Product code 210401 

Specification 50 reactions

Reagent CompositionSpecification
RNase Fluorescers(Lyophilized)1 tube
10×RNase Reaction Buffer200 μL×1 tube
RNase A40 μL×1 tube
RNase-free Water10 mL×1 bottle