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Quick-KO Gene Knock-out Kit


Quick-KO Gene Knockout Kit 

Intended Use 

NEST Quick KO® Gene Knockout Kit is an all-in-one ready-to-use CRISPR  Knockout Kit tailored for scientific researchers. It contains the vital materials  required for CRISPR knockout, from sgRNA design to cell lines knockout. It can  successfully completes gene editing experiments while sharply improving the  scientific research efficiency. 


· All-in-one design for one-stop experiments.

· Easy and convenient operation throughout the experiment. 

· No need to construct plasmids, saving time and simplifying the procedures. 

· Validated sgRNA to improve the success rate of the experiment. 

· Rapid genotype verification of cellular target genes without the need to   extract and purify DNA.  

· The risk of failure reduced and experiment cost saved.

Ready-to-use Reagents with Simplified Operation 

NEST Quick KO® Gene Knockout Kit contains constructed plasmids (or lentiviruses) and genes type identification primers that express sgRNA and  Cas9. The kit is simple and convenient for customers to use directly.

Storage Temperature 
Quick-KO® PlasmidValid sgRNAs   -20℃20μg
NC gRNA-20℃20μg
Optimized SpCas9-20℃80μg
DNA LysisBuffer A-20℃1.0 mL
Buffer B-20℃50μL
Validity Test2X High Fidelity Pfu Mix(+Dye)-20℃1.0mL*2
gDNA Ctrl -20℃50 μL
Genotyping Primer F-20℃1OD
Genotyping Primer R-20℃1OD

Optimized Design for Efficient Knock-out

As Quick-KO ® can obtain multiple alleles to completely knock off cell lines, its efficiency is 3-5 times of that of traditional single sgRNA gene knockout strategy.  Deploying an optimized multi-wizard strategy, it guides Cas9 by sgRNA to cut specific gene locus, which results in DNA double-strand Break (DSB) and  induces fragment deletion and finally knocks out the gene function. Meanwhile, the sgRNA contained in Quick KO has been tested on 293T cells and verified  of improving research success rate. 

Two Marks for Free Choice

SgRNA attached to NEST Quick-KO® Gene Knockout Kit has double marks, fluorescence (mCherry) and drug sieve (puro) for customers’choice according  to their demand.