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Ready-to-use LB Liquid Culture Medium


Ready-to-use LB Liquid Culture Medium

Product Description 

LB culture medium (the name of a kind of culture medium), also known as LB  broth, is commonly used to culture recipient bacteria (such as escherichia coli)  for genetic engineering in biochemical molecular experiments, so that the  bacterial colony can be multiplied, thus meeting the requirements for use. This  product contains two components, namely LB culture medium and antibiotic,  which are sterilized and packed separately. This medium is a yellow clear solution. pH: 7.0-7.4. 


The ready-to-use LB medium is formulated exactly the same as   conventional LB medium, and no adjustments or changes are required for   all subsequent experiments. · The ready-to-use LB medium can be applied in the field of molecular   biology such as bacterial culture, plasmid amplification and protein   expression, the same as self-made LB medium.  · The antibiotics in this product are individually packaged, whose usage   amount can be determined according to the experimental needs. And the   LB medium is packaged in a single sterile tube, so that the bacteria can be   directly inoculated into the medium, which is a great improvement in terms   of usage compared with self-made LB medium.

Storage Conditions & Shelf Life 

Transported at 2-8℃ and stored at 2-8℃ for 6 months 

Order Information 

Ingredients Specifications
LB culture mediumTryptone 10g/L; yeast extract 5g/L; sodium chloride 10g/L

3mL / pce

32 pcs / box

Kanamycin Kanamycin 5mg/mL32 pcs / box

LB culture mediumTryptone 10g/L; yeast extract 5g/L;  sodium chloride 10g/L3mL / pce 32 pcs/box
AmpicillinAmpicillin 5mg/mL32 pcs / box