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Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Spin Colomn)

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The centrifugal adsorption column that can specifically bind with NDA and a  unique lysis and buffer system is applied to this kit to isolate and purify high-quality genomic DNA from different plant tissues. Silicon matrix materials  in the centrifugal adsorption column can effectively and specifically adsorb DNA, and remove impurity proteins and other organic compounds in cells. The  genomic DNA fragments extracted are large and pure with stable and reliable  quality. The DNA extracted and purified with this kit can be applied to various normal operations, including enzymatic digestion and PCR experiments.


· Rapid purification for high quality genomic DNA. · 

· Good reproducibility and high yield of extracted nucleic acids. Effectively remove contaminants and inhibitors for downstream applications. 


· It is recommended to use fresh samples to ensure the integrity of the purified   genomic DNA. 

· If sample volume exceeds the recommended volume range, it is suggested  to increase the volume of Buffer HB and Buffer PB, adding separately in one column or add in separate two columns. 

· For long-term storage of extracted nucleic acids, it is proposed that they should be stored in eluent TE to ensure the concentration of purified nucleic   acids in the range of 50-300 ng/μL and the ratio of OD260/OD280 in the  range of 1.7-2.1. 

Storage conditions and period of validity 

Transport and store at room temperature in dark places. And its  shelf life is 12 months. 

Product composition50 Reactions
Buffer HB   25 mL/vial
Buffer PB 12 mL/vial
Buffer BB 24 mL/vial
Buffer WB 7 mL/vial
Buffer TE7 mL/vial
Spin Column50 pieces/bag
Collection tube50 pieces/bag

Order Information 

Product code 208801 

Specification 50 reactions